This project consisted of the construction of over 4 miles of improvements that included new gravel outer roads along Route 71 at Route B near Rich Hill, Missouri while it also incorporated two bridges, two box culverts, and a substantial amount of earthwork and embankment. One of the bridges was fairly large at 781 feet long with one of the spans being pretty long at over 110’ along with several large drilled shafts measuring up to 5’-6” in diameter. The second bridge was a prefabricated structure that we installed which was 132 feet long.  The earthwork consisted of over 127,000 cubic yards of class A excavation and over 54,000 cubic yards of embankment in place. The gravel surfacing ended up totaling over 70,000 square yards.

During the construction period, we submitted two value engineering proposals which would result in significant cost savings. One proposal eliminated a portion of the proposed asphalt pavement and A2 shoulders and substituted the roadway surface with crushed stone which would match the roadway surface that was constructed on the rest of the project while also eliminating the need for the related temporary surfacing. This resulted in a project savings of around $133,221.  The second value engineering proposal used an existing road bed where possible to reduce the amount of necessary disturbance, embankment, and grading.  This resulted in a large reduction of embankment in place and excavation and resulted in a project savings of around $168,179.

As the project was constructed, we overcame some challenges in building the required bridges. The smaller bridge was constructed in a fairly low elevation of the project area and flooding was a major issue while it was being built. The skills and knowledge of our employees in constructing the necessary cofferdams made it possible to complete this bridge. The other bridge was a challenge because of the sheer size of it coupled with the length of the beams required to sit over the long span of the bridge. In order to complete this, we were required to rent a larger crane and developing a critical lift plan. These things along with the expertise of our crane operator made this achievement possible. In the end, a quality project was delivered on time while safety was kept in mind with no accidents on the job.

Optional Pavement = 11,802 SY (Not sure of total length)

Class A Excavation = 127,307 CY

Embankment In Place = 54,116 CY (Bid Quantity was 96,056 CY) $168,179 savings

Type A2 Shoulder = 0 installed, (Bid Quantity was 1,956.3SY) $49,690 savings

Linear Grading = 27.7 STA (2,770 feet)

Bridge A7961 = Approx. 781 feet long, large drilled shafts

Bridge A7962 = Approx. __ feet long, 3.696 SF of Precast Concrete Slab Beam, Cofferdams for bents 2 and 3

Two Box Culverts = Not sure of how long they are