The project consisted of the reconstruction of the northern 1,800’ of Runway 12-30, the reconstruction of the southern 1,225’ of Runway 12-30, the concrete overlay of the remaining 2,975’ of Runway 12-30 (10” thick concrete paving on RW 12-30), the overlay transitions on Runway 9-27, the reconstruction and extension of Taxiway B, the transition to the Missouri Air National Guard (MoANG) taxilane, and the south Taxiway A connector widening.

Quantity Highlights:

·        74677 SY of 10” Concrete pavement

·        13438 SY of 6” Concrete pavement

Additional components included Runway and Runway 9-27 lighting replacement, Taxiway A and Taxiway B edge lighting, and wind cone upgrades.

This project scope expanded to several additional SY of 6” Concrete pavement on RW 9-27 and still managed to save the City of Jefferson $94,540.69 from original Contract amount thru underruns in other areas.

Project was recognized as the 2015 Missouri/Kansas Chapter, ACPA-Best Portland Cement Concrete Reliever & General Aviation Airport Paving Project

This award was earned by constructing concrete pavement with an average profile smoothness of less then 1 inch per mile (PFm) with zero concrete profile grinding.