Job J7P0428I, Rte. 13, St. Clair County was an interchange improvement at the intersection of Rte. 13 and Rte. 82 West, east of Osceola, MO.  The total length of the improvement was 0.672 miles. This project consisted of taking an existing at grade intersection and converting it into an overpass. This was accomplished by acquiring apprx. 305,500 CY of Embankment in place to build up Rte. 82 South and acceleration and deceleration lanes. This project had a unique soil characteristic for the embankment in place, being it was based on a Crawford Gravelly soil formed in residuum from cherty limestone’s.  This was the requirement for this project and was met through exploratory excavation on surrounding property in which our subcontractor obtained and maintained their own SWPP successfully.

Project also had apprx. 22,500 SY of concrete pavement and a 228 LF 2 span concrete I-Girder bridge.

Project Construction was phased in order to always provide traffic access to Hwy 82 West. We also worked with MoDOT to open traffic to 82 west off of Rte. 13 prior to opening the bridge which required some additional mobilizations by the Sign and stripe subcontractors, but this additional cost to us proved to be beneficial to expedite the overall completion of the project. 

Traffic on Rte. 13 was continuous with temporary lane closures during bridge girder placement in which one Southbound Rte. 13 lane and one Northbound Rte. 13 lane of traffic was open to traffic at all times.

There was an extensive detour sign package tied to this project that required quite a bit of maintenance, but with Roadrunner safety and our periodic checks there were minimal issues. 

We completed this project 1 month ahead of schedule and it now provides Osceola with a safe entrance into their town and to Rte. 82 East and West travelers.