This project consisted of three miles of roadway widening for Route 763/Rangeline Street in Columbia, Missouri which is a major arterial street for the City.  The widening took the existing roadway from two lanes to four lanes and included the construction of a median.  The corridor started just north of Big Bear Blvd. and ended at the intersection of 763/Rangeline and Route VV and Prathersville Rd. where a roundabout was built as part of the project.  It also included the construction of stormwater drainage improvements, two major box culverts along with several smaller box culverts, sidewalks, street lighting and traffic signals.  One of the box culverts mentioned above was a curved, double-box culvert 763/Rangeline and Brown School Rd. which took special attention to detail to complete.  There were also 5 major signalized intersections along the project route to which improvements were made.  As part of the intersection improvements and street lighting that were required, Lehman Construction performed the signal and electrical work ourselves which demonstrates the diverse knowledge and adaptability of our employees.

During construction, there were several challenges that came up. First, the project route consisted of a lot of businesses adjacent to the roadway which would have their customers affected by the construction.  Lehman Construction worked closely with the business owners in the area to make sure that access to the businesses was satisfactory during the project. Another challenge was the heavy traffic volume along this corridor which had to be accommodated. In order to maintain traffic flow, we employed the use of extra lane changes to keep traffic moving and construction progressing at the same time. There were also several retaining walls which had to be constructed on the corners of various intersections where there was very little space to allow for construction. We were able to get these built by employing the detailed and proper setup of traffic control methods to create adequate work zones.

In the end, Lehman Construction installed over 104,000 SY of concrete pavement and completed the project on time and under budget, which wasn’t necessarily an easy task given some of the challenges that were faced along the way.  We believe we delivered a quality project with functional and aesthetic improvements that have been enjoyed by the public in this area of Columbia since its completion.