This was a required combination project with:

Job J8P2231, Rte. 160, Greene County was a bridge replacement over I-44 in Springfield, MO with a total length of the improvement being 0.28 miles. This project required us to construct this 5 lane bridge ½ at a time to keep traffic flow over and on I-44 for entire duration. This was done with utilization of Temporary shoring and staged construction. We were allowed up to a maximum of 20 hrs (10:00pm on Friday to 6:00 pm on following Saturday) to complete each stage removal of the existing voided slab bridge No. A3623.  During this closure we closed the through lanes on US160 at the bridge. Eastbound and westbound I-44 traffic were reduced down to a single lane (in each direction) and diverted onto the existing diamond ramps. I-44 and US160 traffic were permitted to make right turns at the top of the existing ramps.  Each stage removal was completed prior to our maximum window with no damage to existing I-44 Pavement. Once the new bridge superstructure for each stage was completed we closed I-44 in order to set the new steel girders and diverted traffic to ramps in same manner as was performed during demolition (only in direction of I-44 directly below the girder placement and the opposing direction remained open).   This new bridge also required the removal of several existing pile at intermediate bent in order to pre bore for new piling with vibratory method. We also self performed the MSE Wall’s at the bridge abutments in 2 stages utilizing temporary shoring.

This project had a 1000 hr trainee goal in which we satisfied and exceeded.

Job J8P2382, Rte. 160, Green County was for the grading, drainage, and PCCP paving to add lanes at the bridge over I-44 in Springfield, MO with a total length of the improvement being 0.28 miles. This work consisted of approx. 4800 CY of Embankment in place to build road up to new fill face of bridge.  It also incorporated approx. 3546 SY of PCCP Mainline pavement for turn lanes and 1400 SY of Concrete temporary pavement for off tracking and traffic control. This project was primarily constructed through winter months which posed serious safety risk to traveling public and to our workers. With MoDOT we took daily precautionary safety measures to ensure everyone was safe. Safety to our employees and the traveling public is our main priority.

In the end, we delivered a quality project with functional and aesthetic improvements that have been enjoyed by the public in this area of Columbia since its completion.