MoDOT; J7P2224, Rte. 215 – Cedar County Bridge Rehabilitation bid on April 17, 2015.  This project was advertised with a $7,843,000 budget for the 4185’ Bridge re-deck/rehabilitation over Stockton lake.  NTP = 9-8-15; Comp=5-27-16.  This winter schedule & budget was presented in JSP C&I of project proposal book and presented a great challenge for all to meet. 

Due to the bridge being constructed by (2) outside support beams the conventional method for removing bridge deck was not applicable presenting problem #1.  Problem #2 was due to 99% of this project being over a 30-40’ deep channel of Stockton Lake.  Problem #3 was distance between outside girders exceeded stay in place form design capabilities and plans called for a cross slope on bottom of deck to match top.  Problem #4 was with overhang dimensions being 5’-5” with a tapered thickness.  Problem #5 was project timeframe between bid and finish made bar joint exp. joint material availability difficult to acquire. Problem #6 was not only how to get concrete placed but how to get concrete produced due to rural location.

Prior to the bid date Team LCC came up with a solution to all these problems to help them get with in 3% of MoDOT’s stated budget to allow the project to be awarded.  The next closest bid was 30.74%.

Problem #1 was solved by teaming with Springfield Coring and Cutting to cut slabs and core holes to pick slabs with crane on barges below.  Problem #2 was addressed with use of barge and tug boat used to transport and hoist material.  Problem #3 was addressed by teaming with Blackhorse Iron and Bridge to develop a Metal decking capable to clear span between beams and utilize a high strength profile foam to form cross slope on bottom of deck.  Problem #4 was solved by using C-89L overhang brackets built to support wider/heavier overhangs.  Problem #5 was resolved by partnering with Delong’s out of Jefferson City on our Critical Path scheduling.  Problem #6 was resolved by purchasing a Cemco 275 portable concrete plant and producing concrete onsite along with using V-MAR 3 concrete additive to make concrete more pumpable for greater distances.

End Result was bridge being opened 5 days early and with 31,611 manhours worked and 0 lost time accidents.