This project consisted of the construction of around 0.6 miles of improvements which took an original at-grade “T” intersection of Zora Street and Route 43 in Joplin, Missouri and elevated Zora to go over Route 43 and the KCS Railroad.  It included over 30,000 square yards of pavement, one 270 foot long bridge with drilled shafts over Route 43, one 175’ foot long bridge over the KCSRR, over 61,000 square feet of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls with one being around 55 feet tall, over 114,000 cubic yards of excavation, sanitary sewer relocations, traffic signal work, storm drainage and sidewalks.

Challenges that were encountered during the construction of this project included working within the KCS Railroad right-of-way, removal and replacement of unsuitable soil for construction of the MSE walls, and a city landfill on the project site which had unstable material that had to be cut back and re-sloped. In order to work within KCSRR right-of-way, we had to employ the use of a railroad flagger for any work that was done within those limits and we also had to ensure that our work and employees adhered to the strict guidelines set forth by the KCSRR.

During construction, both bridges required a pedestrian walkway on the outside girder of the bridge that was to be constructed using conventional forms.  We proposed and used stay-in-place metal deck forms for the walkway to improve construction of that portion.  Also, the bridge over the KCSRR was designed with a taper where the width increased from one end to the other.  We were able to adjust the width of our paver as it progressed with the deck pour in order to match the taper and ensure that there wouldn’t be a construction joint on the deck.

While the project was underway, we also employed two trainees who met the goal of 2,000 hours that was set and provided valuable on the job experience and training for those individuals. In the end, with the amount of work set forth and the challenges that were faced, we completed this project five months ahead of schedule and the owner was very satisfied with the quality of the work performed.